Sand, polish, scrub, clean your carpets… floor care is not rocket science. You can do an expert job the first time. Rent the equipment you need to do the job in an evening.

8″ Essex-Silverline Drum Sander $50/day $200/wk
7″ Essex-Silverline Floor Edger $30/day $120/wk

Also available:

18″ x 12″ Vibrating Floor Sander $50/day $200/wk

We stock four different grits of sandpaper for the above machines.

Use the following machines to scrub, polish, and buff floors of all types. (Wood, vinyl, tile, ceramic, marble or slate)

13″ Floor Polisher $26/day $104/wk
17″ Floor Polisher $36/day $144/wk
20″ Hi-Speed Burnisher $44/day $179/wk

Buffing pads and scrub pads are available plus polishing brushes and scrub brushes.

Clean your carpets any way you’d like. We rent the No. 1 dry system, as well as hot water extraction and rotary shampoo machines. All are commercial equipment.

Host Dry $18/day  
Rotary Shampoo $36/day $144/wk
Extraction Machine $20/3hrs $34/day

We stock Host cleaning compound, extraction detergent, spotters, traffic sprays and defoamer.

To reinstall your carpets you can rent:

Knee Kicker $16/day $64/wk
Carpet Stretcher $34/day $132/wk
Stair Tool $4/day $18/wk
Carpet Drying Fan $20/day $80/wk

Brooke Rental Center… we rent the things you need.

All rental prices are subject to change.  Check with BRC to confirm the current price for all rentals.