Till your garden, thatch and aerate your yard.

Undisturbed soil? Rent a front tine tiller with pick rotors. Modest old garden? Rent a front tine tiller with slasher blades. Large, well-worked garden and have a truck? Rent our Troy rear-tine. Rose garden beside the back door? Rent our very light weight Mantis cultivator.


Merry Tiller. 5HP (front tine, pick rotors
or slasher blades)
$46/3hrs $82/day
Troy Tiller 7 HP (rear tine, bolo blades) $55/3hrs $91/day
Mantis Cultivator $34/3hrs $46/day
30″ Gas Hedge Trimmer $26/3hrs $40/day
Tow Behind Hydraulic Feed Branch
Chipper, handles up to 4″.
Gandy Commercial Broadcast Spreader
or Gandy Commercial Drop Spreader
16″ Electric Hedge Trimmer $18/hrs $23/day
30″ Electric Hedge Trimmer $27/hrs $42/day
Mower – 36” Commercial, 15 H.P. engine, Easy Touch Controls
Bagger available
Sulky available

There are two types of aerators. One puts holes in the ground so that fertilizer, water and nutrients can reach the roots of the grass. The other cuts slits in the soil so that grass seed can catch on and have a place to germinate.

If you are overseeding, rent a slicing aerator. If you are fertilizing a well established lawn, rent a plugging aerator.

Bluebird Slicing 5HP Aerator $55/3hrs $90/day
Bluebird Plugging Aerator $55/3hrs $90/day
Hand Push Slicing Aerator   $12/day
Tow Slicing Aerator $18/3hrs $32/day
Tow Plugging Aerator $18/3hrs $28/day

If you need to remove the buildup of spongy material known as thatch which prevents nutrients and water from reaching your grassroots, rent a thatcher which uses loose steel flails to “de-thatch” but not score the ground.

Bluebird Thatcher 5 HP $55/3hrs $90/day

Brooke Rental Center in Vienna offers a full line of Southern States seed, fertilizer and mulch products. Feed the birds and make your lawn beautiful at the same time. Get everything you need at one location.

Brooke Rental Center… we rent the things you need.

All rental prices are subject to change.  Check with BRC to confirm the current price for all rentals.