Projectors, screens, and guest beds

Overhead Projector $34/day
Opaque Projector $34/day
Slide Projector $28/day
8mm Film Projector $28/day
Super 8 Film Projector $28/day
8mm Film Editor $12/day
Super 8 Film Editor $12/day
16mm Film Projector $28/day
Filmstrip Projector. $28/day
Projection Cart $17/day
50 x 50 Screen $18/day
70 x 70 Screen $24/day
Power Rostrum $75/day
Wireless Mike for Power Rostrum $20/day

When guests come to town or when your hotel needs extra beds.

Single Rollaway Bed 30″ $10/day $30/wk $60/mo
Double Rollaway Bed 48″ $12/day $36/wk $72/mo

Brooke Rental Center… we rent the things you need.

All rental prices are subject to change.  Check with BRC to confirm the current price for all rentals.