Ladders, wallpaper steamers… yes you can. Steam that old wallpaper off and redecorate now.

Wallpaper Steamer $34/day $136/wk $400/mo
6′ Stepladder $12/day $48/wk $144/mo
8′ Stepladder $16/day $64/wk $192/mo
10′ Stepladder $18/day $72/wk $216/mo
12′ Stepladder $20/day $80/wk $240/mo
12′ Platform Stepladder $24/day $96/wk $288/mo
14′ Platform Stepladder $26/day $104/wk $312/mo
24′ Extension Ladder $25/day $100/wk $300/mo
32′ Extension Ladder $32/day $132/wk $376/mo
40′ Extension Ladder $38/day $152/wk $456/mo

We also rent stairway ladders and stairway scaffold.

Brooke Rental Center… we rent the things you need.

All rental prices are subject to change.  Check with BRC to confirm the current price for all rentals.