Fix that leak. Unlock that pipe. Pump the floor. Blocked drain? First try renting a snake to open it up. Check the inside diameter of the pipe you intend to enter.

For 1-1/2″ use 5/16″x 50′ Snake (under the sink) $22/3hrs $30/day
For 3″ use 1/2″ x 75′ Snake (shower, toilet) $39/3hrs $49/day
For 4″ use 3/4″ x 100′ Snake (house to street) $45/3hrs $60/day
For The Toilet Only – 3/8″ x 3′ Closet Auger   $9/day



We rent all types of wrenches, pipe-cutters, tubing benders, cast iron snappers, etc. as well as pumps from waterbed to 3″ trash pumps in both electric and gasoline engine.

Brooke Rental Center… we rent the things you need.

All rental prices are subject to change.  Check with BRC to confirm the current price for all rentals.