Brooke Rental Center is Your Premier Equipment Rental Resource

We carry a full line of tools, lawn care gear, and construction equipment for contractors and homeowners. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a handy homeowner, Brooke Rental Center has the tools and equipment you need to get the job done.

We do not currently offer Tool and Equipment Rentals through our website. Please call ahead for availability at (703) 938-4807.




Engine Hoist $34/day $136/wk
Add a Chain Sling $6/day $24/wk
Gear & bearing pullers $12/day  
Jack Stands (pair) $18/day  
Spring Compressors $12/day  
Dent Pullers $12/day  
Cutting Torch $34/day  
Arc Welder, 130 Amp $84/day  
3000lb. Service Jack $28/day  






Porta Crib for kids up to one year $11/day $33/wk $66/mo
Full Size Crib for kids over one year $13/day $39/wk $78/mo
Car Seat $9/day $27/wk $54/mo
Umbrella Stroller $7/day $23/wk $47/mo
All Terrain Stroller $9/day $27/wk $54/mo
High Chair $8/day $24/wk $48/mo
Booster Seat for dining chair $5/day $15/wk $30/mo



3/8″ Chuck – Electric $16/day
3/8″ Mini Right Angle $16/day
1/2″ Chuck Right Angle $25/day
1/2″ Chuck $25/day

Our hammer drills will give you holes in masonry from 1/4″ to 2″. Complete with bits.

SDS Drill 1/4″-3/4″ up to 6″ deep $30/3hrs $46/day
Spline Drill 3/4″ – 2″ up to 16″ deep $45/3hrs $64/day

Saws for every type of project:

Saber Saw $18/day
Reciprocating Saw $20/day
Compound Mitre Saw-10″ for crown mold $45/day  
7-1/4″ Circular Saw $18/day  
15″ Circular Saw $39/day  
14″ Gas Cutoff Saw for masonry or steel $50/3hrs $75/day
14″ Electric Cutoff Saw for masonry or steel. $45/3hrs $60/day

Other tools for that home project:

Ceramic Tile Tub Saw, 10″ Diamond Blade for floor tile to 12″ $42/3hrs $62/day
Hardwood Floor Nailer, Manual $28/day $111/wk
Hardwood Floor Face Nailer, Manual $28/day $111/wk
Hardwood Floor Nailer, Pneumatic $39/day $155/wk
Air Compressor for Nailer $34/day $136/wk
Metal Brake 10′ 6″ w/stand $45/day $180/wk
Drywall lift for flat or cathedral ceilings to 11′ $40/day $160/wk
Concrete Mixer holds about 2 bags of pre-mix   $45/day $180/wk
Electric Demolition Hammer for use within 50ft. of a 20amp outlet $56/3hrs. $89/day $356/wk
Standard Wheelchair with footrests
(elevating legs are available)
$14/day $42/wk $84/mo
Extra wide Wheelchair with footrests $16/day $48/wk $96/mo
Pediatric Wheelchair with footrests $16/day $48/wk $96/mo
Lightweight Wheelchair with footrests $16/day $48/wk $96/mo
Transport chair with footrests $16/day $48/wk $96/mo
Walker (folding)   $12/wk $24/mo
Walker with wheels   $14/wk $28/mo
Hospital Bed, full-electric with rails & mattress   $115/wk $230/mo
Over-Bed Table   $12/wk $24/mo
Trapeze for use with our electric hospital bed
  $22/wk $44/mo
Portable Commode   $16/wk $32/mo
Eye Surgery Recovery Portable Chair   $45/wk $135/mo
Knee Walker
$12/day $36/wk $72/mo

We also rent canes, crutches, elevated toilet seats, shower stools, wheelchair ramps, etc.



8″ Essex-Silverline Drum Sander $50/day $200/wk
7″ Essex-Silverline Floor Edger $30/day $120/wk

Also available:

18″ x 12″ Vibrating Floor Sander $50/day $200/wk

We stock four different grits of sandpaper for the above machines.

Use the following machines to scrub, polish, and buff floors of all types. (Wood, vinyl, tile, ceramic, marble or slate)

13″ Floor Polisher $26/day $104/wk
17″ Floor Polisher $36/day $144/wk
20″ Hi-Speed Burnisher $44/day $179/wk

Buffing pads and scrub pads are available plus polishing brushes and scrub brushes.

Clean your carpets any way you’d like. We rent the No. 1 dry system, as well as hot water extraction and rotary shampoo machines. All are commercial equipment.

Host Dry $18/day  
Rotary Shampoo $36/day $144/wk
Extraction Machine $20/3hrs $34/day

We stock Host cleaning compound, extraction detergent, spotters, traffic sprays and defoamer.

To reinstall your carpets you can rent:

Knee Kicker $16/day $64/wk
Carpet Stretcher $34/day $132/wk
Stair Tool $4/day $18/wk
Carpet Drying Fan $20/day $80/wk




Overhead Projector $34/day
Slide Projector $28/day
50 x 50 Screen $18/day
70 x 70 Screen $24/day

When guests come to town or when your hotel needs extra beds.

Single Rollaway Bed 30″ $10/day $30/wk $60/mo
Double Rollaway Bed 48″ $12/day $36/wk $72/mo
Merry Tiller. 6HP (front tine, pick rotors
or slasher blades)
$46/3hrs $82/day
Rear Tine Tiller 7 HP (bolo blades) $55/3hrs $91/day
Mantis Cultivator $34/3hrs $46/day
30″ Gas Hedge Trimmer $26/3hrs $40/day
Broadcast Spreader / Drop Spreader   $13/day
16″ Electric Hedge Trimmer $18/hrs $23/day
30″ Electric Hedge Trimmer $27/hrs $42/day

There are two types of aerators. One puts holes in the ground so that fertilizer, water and nutrients can reach the roots of the grass. The other cuts slits in the soil so that grass seed can catch on and have a place to germinate.

If you are overseeding, rent a slicing aerator. If you are fertilizing a well established lawn, rent a plugging aerator.

Bluebird Slicing 5HP Aerator $55/3hrs $90/day
Bluebird Plugging Aerator $55/3hrs $90/day
Hand Push Slicing Aerator   $12/day
Tow Slicing Aerator $18/3hrs $32/day
Tow Plugging Aerator $18/3hrs $28/day

If you need to remove the buildup of spongy material known as thatch which prevents nutrients and water from reaching your grassroots, rent a thatcher which uses loose steel flails to “de-thatch” but not score the ground.

Bluebird Thatcher 5 HP $55/3hrs $90/day

Brooke Rental Center in Vienna offers a full line of Southern States seed, fertilizer and mulch products. Feed the birds and make your lawn beautiful at the same time. Get everything you need at one location.

Furniture Dolly $13/day $52/wk $156/mo
Appliance Dolly $18/day $72/wk $216/mo
Box Dolly $18/day $72/wk $216/mo
Organ Dolly $18/day $72/wk $214/mo



Wallpaper Steamer $34/day $136/wk $400/mo
6′ Stepladder $12/day $48/wk $144/mo
8′ Stepladder $16/day $64/wk $192/mo
10′ Stepladder $18/day $72/wk $216/mo
12′ Stepladder $20/day $80/wk $240/mo
12′ Platform Stepladder $24/day $96/wk $288/mo
24′ Extension Ladder $25/day $100/wk $300/mo
32′ Extension Ladder $32/day $132/wk $376/mo
40′ Extension Ladder $38/day $152/wk $456/mo

We also rent stairway ladders and stairway scaffold.

For 1-1/2″ use 5/16″x 50′ Snake (under the sink) $22/3hrs $30/day
For 3″ use 1/2″ x 75′ Snake (shower, toilet) $39/3hrs $49/day
For 4″ use 3/4″ x 100′ Snake (house to street) $45/3hrs $60/day
For The Toilet Only – 3/8″ x 3′ Closet Auger   $9/day



Metal Detector $15/3hr $32/day
Volleyball Outfit – supply your own ball   $24/day



3500 psi Pressure Washer $62/3 hrs $89/day $352/wk
2700 psi Pressure Washer $49/3 hrs $72/day $288/wk




Brooke Rental Center… we rent the things you need.

All rental prices are subject to change.  Check with BRC to confirm the current price for all rentals.